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First District provides its members with the tools and information needed to successfully manage community and economic growth. First District can play an integral role in developing short range and long range plans and implementing those plans through ordinance development and other administration programs.

Comprehensive Land Use Plans

Comprehensive Land Use Plans focus on the physical development of communities by examining the land’s existing infrastructure, uses, and physical features as well as the area’s population trends and projections. This information is used in conjunction with the goals of the community to create a future land use map outlining desired locations of residential, commercial, agricultural and industrial uses.

Public Infrastructure/Capital Improvement Plans

Public infrastructure and capital improvement plans are tools to assist community leaders when making decisions on public infrastructure investments.

Zoning & Subdivision Ordinances

Zoning and subdivision ordinances are tools to implement a comprehensive land use plan. First District assists local governments in creating and amending zoning and subdivision ordinances tailored to the community’s needs. When local governments revise ordinances, we also assist in reviewing the existing ordinances to determine what type of provisions should be revised, updated or repealed.

Nuisance Ordinance Development

First District will assist communities in developing a nuisance ordinance aligned with the community’s goals. Through these ordinances properties are held to a standard that makes communities a more desirable place to live and work.

Hazardous Materials Plans

Hazardous material site plans identify hazardous material sites and assess the vulnerability of the hazards to the community.

Pre-Disaster Mitigation Plans

A pre-disaster mitigation plan categorizes the risk and implications of possible natural disasters that a community may face. Additionally First District works with communities to determine the likelihood of potential disasters and develops a plan to minimize or prevent the impact of a disaster.

Site Plan Review

Through a site plan review, First District assists communities in considering the long term implications of development proposals, and ensures that zoning and subdivision ordinance implementation is consistent with the community’s comprehensive plan.

Strategic Planning & Focus Group Development

The First District staff is experienced in assisting local governments and private entities in strategic planning exercises, which result in the development of tools to manage the change and complexity present in their specific environments.